Monday, September 23, 2013

A Monday Prayer

“Let us not love in word or in tongue—but in deed and in truth.” (1 John 3:18)

love in deed and truth

Father God, keep me centered today. Let my ears be tuned into You alone. Let my eyes see through Yours. Keep me focused on Your love, grace and mercy.

Let me be a mother who loves tenderly, disciplines with grace and mercy, and quickly forgives. Help me to be a mother who is an example of light and goodness. Let my light shine brightly in our home and on my family. Let me be a woman of influence—directly affecting those around me.

Help me to think outside “inconvenience” and instead be motivated by the pureness of Your love.

Help me to think outside of myself—outside of my selfish motives and greedy desires that are meaningless to Your Kingdom glory.

Let Your light shine through me—all that I say and all that I do.

Let me be a peacemaker. Help me to forgive and let go of old and new resentments that are pressing me down and keeping me in bondage. Break these chains!

Teach me the meaning of grace—I admit I don’t know, I admit I’m clueless. Teach me grace by Your definition and what it looks like in my life. Teach me how to walk in it.

Teach me to love in deed and in truth. Don’t let my words be empty.

Father, I put all my hope in You—that You will gladly grant my request; that You will happily teach and guide me.


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