Monday, April 27, 2015

Bible Journaling Through the Pain

Bible journaling has opened up a whole new door for me in terms of meditating on scripture. As I work on the art, I’m reflecting on the Word, visualizing it, and hoping to make it come to life not only on the pages, but in my heart and mind.

In my last post, I mentioned that I need to have a hysterectomy. It’s not been something I’ve been handling very well. (I just got off the kitchen floor from a very good cry.) But bible journaling has been very therapeutic for this extremely difficult time. It helps me to connect my pain to God’s throne. It’s like a telephone line to God’s heart. HELP ME. HEAR ME. HEAL ME.

When I first received the news…(Isaiah 53:5, acrylic paints, date stamp, letter block stamps, stickers)

by his stripes 

Yet this scripture lingered in my mind, dancing around uncomfortably…(Matthew 9:22, stamps, markers, sticker letters, various stickers, tassel ribbon)

be encouraged

And while the anger and pain began to take over, I woke up one morning seeing this in my mind…(Psalm 118:24, acrylic paints, Crayola markers, stickers, letter stickers)

this is the day

And during the past few years I know the fire has dimmed, and with all these new problems arising I was struck with an answer…(Leviticus 6:12, watercolors, markers)

keep the fire burning

I’m thankful for the Journaling Bible Community on facebook for all their love, support and encouragement. I have been able to share my pain through the expression of art and scripture all in one place. God is using this process to get me through the heartache and suffering.

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